My Approach

Good therapy is often thought of as a blend of art and science.  I am committed both to creating a warm, accepting environment for change and to using the approaches to therapy that have the strongest research support.

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Positive Psychology


Collaborative Practice

The Therapist-Client Relationship

Much of the art of therapy lies in the strength of the relationship between the therapist and client.  A safe, warm, accepting, empathic relationship with my clients is the foundation for change.   Regardless of the specific therapeutic techniques I am using, I work to ensure that all clients feel respected, valued, and truly heard in the time we spend together.  I see children and families as co-collaborators in treatment.  I believe my clients are the true experts about their emotional world.

Individuals, children and families are often uncertain what to expect from therapy, and feel vulnerable or afraid of being judged.  My core belief is that the struggles of a child or family make perfect sense given the challenges they have faced.  While I work with children and families to support change, I also believe that every client is of great value, just as they are at this moment.  Even when the need for change is urgent, or mistakes have been serious, I believe that each person is doing the best they can do with the resources they have available.  Therapy offers new resources, and can give children and families the skills and perspective needed to forge a new path.