About Molly Mitchell

Molly Mitchell MSCP CAADC LPCMolly Mitchell, MSCP, CAADC, LPC

I graduated from Chatham University with a Masters of Science in Counseling Psychology. I trained at the Gestalt Institute of Pittsburgh from 2011-2013. Gestalt Therapy is an expressive, action-based approach to growth, which supports an individual’s ability to notice self in the moment and understand one’s meaning-making process. This is a collaborative process between therapist and client.

I am skilled at helping individuals, groups and couples:

  • Successfully navigate life transitions, adjustments, and/or choices
  • Improve relationships and/or enhance one’s interpersonal effective Decrease anxiety, depression or unwanted thoughts Manage stress effectively adaptively
  • Cope with physical health condition or illness Increase motivation for health behavior changes Enhance creativity and/or performance in work or sports
  • Increase overall life satisfaction
  • Change or alter counter productive behaviors (e.g. overeating, procrastination)
  • Cultivate a deeper self-understanding and awareness
  • Develop coping techniques to empower and enhance one’s emotional intelligence and/or competency